sticking around.

Well. Now I know you’re out there.

All of you silent lurkers from the Timesuck, otherwise known as Facebook? You may not be posting any comments [DPK being the exception to the rule] but thanks to a nifty little device that WordPress calls “blog stats,” I know you are here. It’s slightly Big-Brotherish, but I dig it.

So welcome! Apparently you took my invitation seriously, visited my musings, and now I feel renewed motivation to keep writing so that you’ll come back. Speaking as one who has been known to frequent the occasional blog, particularly when I really need to procrastinate from work, nothing bugs me more than when a favorite writer goes dormant. (Ahem. Not that I’ve ever done that myself.)

So it makes me wonder – what keeps you sticking around?

For me, it’s a bigger question than simply figuring out how to keep traffic up on my blog. I could just post adorable pictures of S and the beagle if I wanted to do that. (And don’t tempt me, the duo is shamelessly cute.)

What I wonder is what keeps people interested in this frantic, fast-paced, ever-changing cyber world. One minute it’s MySpace, the next it’s the TimeSuck – the Next Big Thing is probably right around the corner and we’ll all roll our eyes that we ever wasted our energy on something like LameBook.

But this is how we connect today. Our basic, primal desires for information, communication, and inspiration remain the same. We want to learn, to reach out to one another, to figure out life’s big questions. (Which, coincidentally, is mostly what theology is about, too.)

And in our day and age, the Internet is where we do all that. I strongly believe churches need to pay closer attention to social media and networking – especially if they ever want to reach the young adults everyone so desperately wants back in the pews – so I like to probe these kinds of questions.

So tell me, what keeps you sticking around – checking Facebook, reading blogs, mindlessly interneting on your lunch hour? Is it connecting with others? Sheer distraction? Morbid curiosity? A desire to learn more, stay up to date, get the latest news?

To keep this conversation going, I’m planning to share with you each week one blog or website that I enjoy reading: something that relates (broadly) to the themes of theology and parenting that I explore here. Being an avid reader, I love knowing what others read. So I hope to spark good conversation – perhaps even foster a bit of community?

Go ahead. Give it a try. Click “comment” and tell me what keeps you sticking around.

I triple-dog-dare you.

One thought on “sticking around.

  1. Roomie:

    I think for me it is a matter of staying connected. As a stay at home mom (and working part time), I don’t have alot of time to call people or even email some weeks, so I am able to check a blog or FB and just see what people esp my friends, are up to… and see pics of the fam and all that! And I enjoy your blog, so of course I read it too!

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