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It’s a gorgeous fall day. Apple orchards beckon; pumpkins plead to be picked. The temperature is slated to peak at 85 this afternoon – dreamlike for a summer girl who loves autumn colors! So after a long week of work and presentations, I’m ready to play hooky for a day and take S out to play in the great outdoors.

But not before I give you one shameless plug to check out a write-up of the presentations I’ve been doing around young adults and the church.

I gave a short talk on this subject last night, and another lively conversation ensued. Many older adults are passionately concerned about the declining involvement of young adults in congregations, and they want to know what their churches can do to reach out to pass along the faith to a new generation.

As I always say, there are no easy answers or magical solutions. But we need to understand the reality of how young adulthood is changing, and then turn to our beloved traditions and mission to discover opportunities for engaging young people in the life of our faith communities, through what we’re already doing as church.

And whether you’re a young adult who wonders what this generation is all about, or an older adult who’s scratching your head to figure out today’s 20- and 30-somethings, this article is worth a read. Part troubling, part inspiring, it raises provocative questions about “emerging adulthood” as a new stage in the lifespan. Do you agree?

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